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Washington University School of Law in St. Louis продовжує термін подання заявок на LL.M. in U.S. Law та our LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law для заявників програми Фундації В. Пінчука “WorldWide Studies Fellowship”


My friend Michael Peil, Associate Dean for International Programs at Washington University School of Law, writes:

"We have recently received word that Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri, has been selected as an eligible institution for the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s “WorldWide Studies Fellowship.”  (www.worldwidestudies.org.)  In light of this, we are willing to extend the application deadline for Ukrainian citizens for our two popular Master of Laws (LL.M.) programs.

The purpose of the WorldWide Studies Fellowship is to provide Ukrainian students with the opportunity to pursue Masters degrees (including the LL.M.) at the world’s top universities.   This year, “law” is one of the areas of priority, and the Foundation has asked us to publicize this funding opportunity and to invite eligible Ukrainian law students to apply to Washington University Law.

In light of this opportunity, I would like to invite you to spread the word to potential Ukrainian LL.M. applicants.  Although the deadline for admission to Washington University’s LL.M. program is May 15, we would be willing to extend this deadline if a highly-qualified student were also applying to the Pinchuk Foundation.

You can find information about our LL.M. in U.S. Law and our LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law online at http://law.wustl.edu/llm/ for the class beginning in August 2010.  Students can apply for our programs online or download an application.

According to the Foundation: “Our Grants shall be used primarily to cover university tuition, books and medical insurance. The amount is determined for each individual case based on needs and merit. On average, grants shall cover up to 60% of the total amount required (maximum $ 50,000 for 1-2 years of studies).”



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