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ЮрКар'єра. Вивчай Україну, отримай стипендію П. Яцика - 40 тисяч кан. доларів


Оголошено конкурс на отримання стипендії імені П. Яцика в Університеті Торонто на 2009-2010 рік. Детальніше - читайте далі.

Petro Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ukrainian
Politics, Culture, and Society, 2009--2010

The Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES) at
the University of Toronto is accepting applications for the Petro Jacyk
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ukrainian Politics, Culture, and Society for
the year 2008-2009. The objective of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship is to
support on an annual basis one of the most promising junior scholars
studying contemporary Ukraine and thereby to advance academic
understanding of Ukrainian politics, culture, and society. The
Fellowship is made possible by generous support of the Petro Jacyk
Education Foundation.

* Description:

The Fellowship has both research and teaching components. The
successful candidate will spend most of the Fellowship period in
residence at the University of Toronto, based at the Centre for
European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (CERES). While at CERES, the
Fellow will be expected to devote his/her time to preparation of
his/her dissertation for publication and/or to start a new research
project. The Fellow will work closely with an appointed research
supervisor and participate in activities of the Petro Jacyk Program
for the Study of Ukraine. These include guest lectures, workshops and
conferences, and other events. In addition to research, he/she is
expected to teach a one semester course (seminar or lecture) that
deals with contemporary Ukraine (possibly from an interdisciplinary
and/or comparative perspective)<wbr></wbr>. The Fellow will also be expected to
spend a period of time in Ukraine (normally 6-8 weeks and preferably,
but not necessarily, in May-June of the fellowship period) based at
the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, where she/he may
conduct research and participate in the academic life of the
institution. By the end of fellowship year, the Fellow is expected to
have a publication (a book manuscript based on a dissertation or an
occasional paper from a new research project) ready for submission and
provide a report of his/her activities to the Director of CERES. The
Fellow should acknowledge Petro Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellowship in all
publications, lectures, and any other activities supported by the

* Eligibility:

The Fellowship is open to junior scholars in the social sciences and
humanities with a teaching and research focus on contemporary Ukraine.
The successful candidate must have completed his/her PhD not more than
three years prior to the start of the fellowship period and before
taking up the Fellowship. There are no restrictions with respect to

* Fellowship tenure:

The Centre will make one appointment for the calendar year of twelve
months beginning July 2009.

* Funding:

The Fellowship holder will receive $40,000 Canadian funds plus an
allowance for research and travel expenses;

* Application Procedure:

Applicants should submit to Ms. Larysa Iarovenko by March 1, 2009 the
following materials:

a CV that includes information requested on the application form;

a description of the planned research and writing projects (three pages
single spaced or six pages double spaced);

one (or possibly more) course proposals (a one page singled-spaced
description along with a selected bibliography or reading list);

and a writing sample (e.g .article or chapter from dissertation or
book). In addition, applicants should arrange for three letters of
reference to be mailed separately to the address below.

Short-listed candidates may be contacted for an interview. Inquiries may
be sent by e-mail to at larysa.iarovenko@utoronto.ca
or by regular mail to

Larysa Iarovenko
Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies
Ukrainian Programs Manager
Munk Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto
1 Devonshire Place
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3K7
Tel: (416) 946-8113
Fax: (416) 946-8939

Application form can be downloaded at



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