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ЮрПодія. Конгрес IVR-2011 з філософії права (Франкфурт, 22-27.08.2011)


Тема: Світовий Конгрес Міжнародної асоціації філософії права і соціальної філософії 2011 року, IVR World Congress 2011

ХХV Світовий Конгрес Міжнародної асоціації філософії права і соціальної філософії (IVR) відбудеться в місті Франкфурт-на-Майні 22-27 серпня 2011 року. Тема Конгресу – „Право, наука і техніка” ("Law, Science, Technology“/„Recht, Wissenschaft und Technik"). Рішення про це ухвалено під час ХХV Конгресу в Пекіні 18 вересня 2009 року.

Прийматиме Конгрес Університет імені Йоганна-Вольфганга Гете у Франкфурті-на-Майні. Деталі про Конгрес 2011 розміщено за лінком

Нижче - інформація, розміщену на зазначеному сайті на вересень 2009 року.


XXV. World Congress of Philisophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) „Law, Science, Technology“

Date: From August 22nd through 27th, 2011

Location: Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Campus Westend Grüneburgplatz 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

The 25thWorld Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR), founded 1909 in Berlin and registered in Wiesbaden, capital of the Federal State of Hesse, will take place, in its land of origin, at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt (click for more information).

All information concerning the congress will be provided on this website. From midyear 2010 on, participation at the congress will be bookable there, as well as hotel-rooms for the stay in Frankfurt. Detailed information about the scientific program and the social-events program will also be available. Before and during the Congress this website will serve as the personalised source of information, planning and communication. Further information, features for registration, hotel booking and personalisation is still beeing prepared and shall be accessible within the coming months.

Topical Focus:

„Law, Science, Technology", the subject of this Congress, shall be addressed through different discussion topics, connecting plenary sessions and special workshops. The main topics concerning  legal and ethical questions (keywords: accountability and responsibility) include:

  • Medicine: e.g. genetic engineering, embryonic research, euthanasia and questions of distributive justice related to specific therapies (e.g. kidney transplantations or dialysis);
  • Brain research: e.g. neuro-enhancements
  • Media: e.g. impact  of global mass communication;
  • Finance: e.g. technical difficulties of national and international financial regulatory authorities;
  • Science: e.g. the role of the economic analysis of law.

Further Topics could be:

  • Law and IT
  • Law and Energy
  • Law and Environment / Climate
  • Law and Artificial Intelligence
  • Law and Philosophy of Science
  • Accountability and Technology

Organisation: The organizing committee is headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulfrid Neumann and Prof. Dr. Lorenz Schulz, M.A.


XXV. World Congress of Philisophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) „Law, Science, Technology“

Structure of the Scientific Program

1. The congress will last five working days in August 2009 (Mon., 22nd - Fri., 27th).

2. Plenary sessions shall be held in the morning (a total of 10 plenary lectures).

3. Special workshops and (smaller) working groups will take place in the afternoon.

4. Special workshops are specialized panels, prepared by a section leader assigned in advance for smaller groups of interested participants.

5. Working groups are open to more general topics, where those lecturers who do not find their topics represented in the workshops shall find their audition.

6. Further accompanying scientific events before and during the congress are being planned in cooperation with other organisations.

7. The official languages of the Congress will be English and German. English translations of plenary lectures held in German shall be available on the website of the congress. Spanish or French events will take place in special workshops.


XXV. World Congress of Philisophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) „Law, Science, Technology“

Structure of the Social-Events Program

The scientific program of the congress will be complemented by numerous social events and activities, particularly

1. Welcome evening on Sun., August 21 (arrival day) in the Casino on Campus Westend of the Goethe-University, Frankfurt

2. Reception of the City of Frankfurt am Main (estimated August 22)

3. Reception of the State of Hesse (estimated August 23)

4. Sight seeing tour (½ day, estimated August 24)

5. Concert (estimated August 25)

6. Farewell dinner (estimated August 26 or 27)



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