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ЮрПублікація В. Бігуна «Права людини в кіно» доступна онлайн у Бібліотеці Європейського суду (скачати) | V. Bihun's publication "Human Rights in Cinema" available online at the Library of the European Court of Human Rights (download)


Тема: права людини в кіно | human rights in cinema, юридична наука | legal scholarship, праці вчених-юристів | legal scholars’ publications, філософія права, філософія правосуддя | philosophy of law, legal philosophy, philosophy of justice

Англомовна публікація В’ячеслава Бігуна «Права людини в кіно. Путівник у пошуках справедливості та натхнення» доступна онлайн у Бібліотеці Європейського суду з прав людини. Її підготовлено в зв’язку з презентацією автора 21 лютого 2012 року в Турині (Італія).

The English language publication by Vyacheslav Bihun “Human Rights in Cinema: a Guide in Search of Justice and Inspiration“ is available online in the Library of the European Court of Human Rights. It was prepared n connection with the author's presentation on 21 February 2012 at the International University College of Turin in Italy.

  • Bihun V. Human Rights in Cinema: a Guide in Search of Justice and Inspiration. A Watch and Discuss Textbook with Filmography / Vyacheslav Bihun. — Strasbourg, Kyiv, Turin, 2012. — 44 p.

The text is an essay exploring the subject of human rights in cinema.  A history and modernity,  the  infrastructure of human rights cinema are briefly noted.  Some theses on the form and content of human rights films are outlined. In terms of content human rights films are described in the light of some philosophy of law categories and human rights issues, such as the antinomy of man and power, crimes against humanity, state statutory law and rights, justice and globalisation,  legal  protection of human rights, the right to life and euthanasia as a right to death, the inspiring role of personality.  A diverse and elaborated list of human rights films accompanies the essay, to enable the individual exploration of the topic.  The material can be used as a handbook for teaching, research and educational purposes.

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