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JusCongress. Conference on Media and Politics: SPEAK UP! – The legal right to express yourself freely, Conference on Media and Politics (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, 6-8 May 2011)


Tema: conference, comparative law, freedom of speech, ELSA

Comparative law conference – differences, relations and similarities between Bulgarian and European law in the field of Freedom of Speech.


  • ELSA members  from favoured countries: 27 € per day
  • ELSA members from non-favoured countries: 30 € per day
  • ELS members: 35 € per day
  • Non ELSA members: 35 € per day
  • Non students: 35 € per day

Contact Information:

  • Zosya Stankovska – VP S&C ELSA Ukraine email: zoe[at]
  • Elitsa Vasileva, VP AA ELSA Bulgaria vp-aa(at)
  • Website:



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